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        The mildly saner, more road-oriented sibling of the ballistic 620R

        The 620S joins the 620R at the summit of the Seven range by harnessing the same 310bhp two-litre, supercharged Ford Duratec engine to deliver outrageous performance for those drivers who feel that the Seven just isn’t barnstorming enough.

        The 620S however, has been tailored for road use delivering a new driving experience with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the creature comforts of the ‘S’ pack such as a heater, full windscreen, hood and side screens and leather seats. While the 620S also features more comfortable road springs and dampers, the uprated brake master cylinder and limited-slip differential are taken from the ‘R’ Pack to ensure optimum performance and the trademark 620 feel.

        The 620S is also the first range-topping model which can be specified with the wide-bodied SV chassis, offering more room in the interior for driver and passenger, with the additional road orientated benefits of added luggage space and increased range thanks to a larger fuel tank. ?Customers looking to venture out in colder conditions can now also experience the warming delights of heated carbon seats for the very first time.

        So, whether the aim is to pound around the race tracks of the UK or take a Sunday drive the 620S delivers the best of everything a Caterham Seven has to offer.

        The Seven 620S is available as a factory built car only, hand-built by our skilled team at our factory in Dartford, Kent.


        • Road orientated manual gearbox
        • Unique gunmetal chassis
        • Air-flow optimised nose cone
        • Race-developed cooling package
        • Available with standard or SV chassis
        0-60 MPH
        TOP SPEED
        145 MPH


        Supercharged 2.0 litre Ford Duratec 15" Orcus anthracite alloy with ZZS tyres
        Easyclean dy sump oil system Composite front & rear wings
        Limited slip differential Black leather seats
        5-Speed transmission 4 point race harness
        Lightweight flywheel Carbon-fibre dashboard
        Uprated brake master cylinder Bespoke instruments & switchgear
        Ventilated brake discs with quad piston calipers Momo steering wheel
        Sport suspension 12V Socket
        rear anti-roll bar Heater
        Full Windscreen, hood & sidescreens Aero filler cap
        Rear-exist exhaust system ?

        SV Chassis Seats - Heated Carbon Seats with Padding
        Lowered floors 13" Apollo alloy with ZZR tyres
        Front - aerofoil wishbones Momo quick-release stearing wheel
        Race suspemsion package sequential shift lights
        Interchangeable carbon wind deflector Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
        Hald doors - carbon vinyl Battery master cut-off switch
        Side screen armrests Track day roll bar
        Half hood Sport rolll cage
        Hood bag Race roll cage
        Seats - Carbon leather Carbon fibre front & rear wings
        Seats - Carbon seats with Padding Black pack
        ? Side exit silencer

        Caterham Seven 620S
        Engine: Supercharged 2.0 litre Ford Duratec
        Max Power (bhp):?310 @ 7,700rpm
        Max Torque (lbs ft): 219 @ 7,350rpm
        Weight: 610kg
        0-60mph: 3.44 seconds
        Power-to-weight: 508bhp-per-tonne
        Top speed: 145mph


        Caterham Yellow
        Caterham Blue
        Caterham Green
        Caterham Orange
        Caterham Black
        Caterham Red

        Vehicles shown may include optional extras that are not included in the standard specification.